Why Choose 3AM Therapy

3AM Therapy Online

With 3amtherapy you can access quality healthcare from your homes by choosing a verified therapist registered from anywhere in the world; who is within your budget in the most confidential setting.

Advantages to the USER

  • Cost Savings
  • No Time-off work as therapy can be received at a time suitable to you
  • No travel hassles
  • Ease of access as therapy can be received from the comfort of your home or your pvt place.
  • Therapy from anywhere in the world.
  • Power to chose a therapist from around the world.
  • Therapy received in one’s own language as the user can choose a therapist who speaks his language from across the world.
  • 3AM Therapy maintains the highest standard of confidentiality and data security.

Advantages to the THERAPIST

  • Easy management of slots
  • No investment in real estate, staffing, furniture
  • Can work from home
  • Appointment after receipt of fees.
  • Can continue to stay in touch with your clients even when they move location.
  • Therapy via online platform is evidence based and of proven efficacy.
  • Clinic without geographical boundaries !
  • Global recognition
  • 3AM Therapy platform has multiple handy tools and built in resources to aid therapy process.

3AM Therapy Offline Services

3amTherapy also offers mental health solutions for organisations. We provide services under the one-to-many philosophy with the aim of maximizing the mental wellbeing for the community.