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FAQs for users

1. What is the advantage of joining this platform?

The 3amtherapy platform allows you to access mental health services from the comfort of your

office/home from across the world, without the hassles of travelling to clinics and subsequent

1. How do I check a therapist’s availability/ appointment timings?

You can view a therapist’s availability/appointment timings by clicking on the ‘calendar’ option for

2. How do I book my appointments?

After logging in to your account, navigate to the therapist that you want to book an appointment

with. Visit his calendar and find a slot which suits you. On selection of a particular slot, the

therapist will get an email to confirm the appointment. Upon confirmation of the appointment by

the therapist, you will be intimated. Do ensure that you have sufficient credits in your wallet to

3. I have an urgent personal work tomorrow. Can I cancel my appointment?

The 3am therapy.com gives you complete control of your sessions. If you have urgent work, you

can choose cancel the session. We advise cancelling sessions not later than 24 hours prior to

You will need to login 10 minutes prior to the session and wait for the therapist to start the

session. Once he/she does so, you will get a notification to join the session. Once you click that a

new window will open in which you and the therapist will be able to view each other. The therapist

will then start the timer and begin your session.

Simply click on the ‘end session’ button to end the session. You will get a prompt to confirm this.

3. How do I report to the admin about technical problems faced during sessions.

In your dashboard left-hand menu, you have a messages tab. This can be used to send

4. What if the therapist does not login at the scheduled time?

If the therapist does not login for the appointment, you can click on the ‘No-show’ option. Your

credits for that session will be refunded to your wallet in case of a ‘no-show’.

5. My session has begun, but we are facing technical problems ( e.g. slow internet connectivity).

If you face technical problems during a session, your therapist can click on the reschedule

session button to select a mutually convenient time, and reschedule the session. You will not be

charged for a rescheduled session.

6. How can I reschedule a confirmed appointment (before a session has begun)?

You will have to cancel the confirmed appointment from your dashboard. You can then select a

new appointment slot with the same/different therapist and send an appointment request. Your

new appointment slot will be confirmed upon confirmation by the therapist.

You have to purchase credits to book appointments with the therapists. These credits can be

purchased in your local currency using credit/debit card, internet banking etc. You can purchase

these credits by clicking on your ‘wallet’ in your dashboard.

1. When am I entitled for refunds?

If you or the therapist cancels the session before it starts, the credits for that session will be

refunded to you. Alternatively, if the therapist does not login at the appointed time, you can use

the ‘no-show’ option and claim a refund for that session.

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