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Advantages of this platform:

  1. What is the advantage of joining this platform?



  1. How do patients book my appointments?
  2. How do I set my availability?
  3. I have set my availability for tomorrow. But I still don’t have any bookings. Do I have to wait online or does it get cancelled?
  4. I have an urgent personal work tomorrow. Can I cancel my online availability?
  5. How do I plan my holidays?



  1. How does a session start and end ?
  2. What if I need to extend a session for a few minutes?


Credits and payments:

  1. What are credits?
  2. How do I get paid?
  3. Do I have to pay to be a therapist on this platform? What is the revenue share arrangement?
  4. Is the revenue share percentage fixed?



  1. When is my client entitled for refunds?


Client confidentiality and disciplinary issues:

  1. What is expected of me with respect to - client confidentiality, my qualifications and ethical standards?
  2. What disciplinary action can be taken against me?


Referral system:

  1. What are the incentives to me of referring other therapists to use this platform?

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  • Call us: 123-222-2222
  • E-mail: connect@3amtherapy.com
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