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Depression is a very common but often ignored problem.

~ Tanushri Sharma, Psychologist

   Antarman Centre for Psychosocial Wellbeing.




You say you’re ‘depressed’ – all I see is resilience. You are allowed to feel messed up and inside out. It doesn’t mean you’re defective – it just means you’re human.”  David Mitchell


Depression can intrude anyone; it is one of the most common mental illnesses worldwide. India is the most depressed country in the world. About 7% of Indians suffer from depression. While these are just figures of reported cases of depression, despite there are some from the population who is depressed but unknown about the fact and its effects.

Depression can affect everyone differently. It’s normal to feel gloomy or down sometimes. But if, these low moods continue for more than a week & hinders your daily life schedule or keeps recurring, these could be signs of depression. Depression is simply different from being sad or gloomy. It is a serious mental state of mind which can affect an individual’s life drastically. Some of the most common signs of Depression are: irritability, changes in appetite, troubled sleep or excessive sleeping, lethargic, anxiousness etc. In extreme cases of depression a person can compel to self-harming behaviors. A person with depression may not have all these symptoms present but the duration of the symptoms plays a great role when it comes to diagnosis of depression. Psychologists and Psychiatrist use the DSM- 5 criteria for the final diagnosis of the same.

Understanding depression can be challenging. Depression is the most common mental illness worldwide; likewise it is most common treatable illness as well. Most of the cases of depression need help to get over with that mental state of mind. From moderate to severe cases require anti-depressants along with regular therapy sessions. While in other cases of depression, CBT (Cognitive behavior therapy) is quite useful. The therapist focuses to change patterns of thinking or behavior that are due to the difficulties they are facing, and so change the way they feel about it. Subsequently depression has altered grounds for all, talking to someone and seeking help for the same should be the first thought, rather than thinking “I can manage it” or “depression… can’t happen to me.” Accept and seek help for your issues, it is okay!

Suicide is the second leading cause of death, and depression is one of the common cause of suicide. Feeling helpless and seeing death is sometimes the only way out in that state of overwhelming or unmanageable feelings. Most people who suicide could be helped at some point. As individuals you can help your loved ones or self to seek professional guidance. A sudden lift in spirits in a depressed person can be a warning sign that they are planning to kill themselves. Any level, suicidal thinking should be taken seriously. There are many misconceptions about suicide and depression.

It’s okay to talk about depression and suicide, let us try to normalize these concepts in your minds as well as, help & educate others about the same. Be direct, ready to listen, letting them express their feelings and accepting by being gentle and non-judgmental without giving any advices about value of life. While these are some of small ways you can help individuals who are mentally distressed. And one small step you can take towards mental health awareness. Encourage self and others to seek professional help.

There may be may situations which may get you depressed, but accepting that depressed state of mind and allowing yourself to seek help and healing for the same will do you some bit of good for your way towards life.

“It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to do something that you hadn't done, because if we don't do those things we never grow.” It’s okay to not feel okay and seek help for the same; your mental health should be your priority because mental health is as important as physical health."


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